Insurance for Bloggers

This topic might come as a shock to many as blogging and insurance don’t really seem like two words that go together but on the contrary, they absolutely should.  Many might argue that bloggers are not exposed to the same risks regular employees have and that they do not have to go to a workplace which may be potentially hazardous, and thus need personal injury coverage. What then is the need for life insurance. Some of the answers will be provided below but to further get a better understanding of why a blogger needs life insurance and how to go about getting a plan, a quiz has been provided by to enlighten you.

The need for insurance can be attributed to a few factors, some of which include personal injury. Personal injury is not something that can only be acquired in a company workplace, even if you work from home you aren’t immune to accidents therefore you can still make a claim for personal injury. In this case, having insurance to cover your injuries will protect you. Health is another factor as health insurance is a type of insurance that bloggers should also consider. Nobody is immune to accidents, not even bloggers. We’ve heard of bloggers having to face massive medical bills resulting in them taking out loans with years of repayment, just because they didn’t have health insurance to cover them. This alone should be enough to convince anyone of the need for this type of coverage. Another major argument for the need for blogger insurance is being prone to liability cases. These cover a lot of ground from libel to copyright infringement. As a blogger, your work is usually exposed to the public and anyone anywhere can use what you write against you at anytime and as you are totally responsible for what you put out there, having an insurance helps cover you when your work is being used against you.

For more information on insurance in blogging and other relates fields, visit Your blogging business can be a target to any of the above and you don’t want the risk of this happening resulting in facing a case involving large sums.

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